Thursday, 16 April 2009

Well i have been to the old peoples home again today to show them how to make cards and it was brilliant. The ladies and Gents absolutely loved making the cards and cant wait till next week to make more, this is the card we made today. My there are some lovely characters and the stories they have been telling me did make me laugh one lady called Lil is just adorable said my Husband was in the room next door with her friend and that she thought they maybe up to something that they shouldn't lol. I cant wait to go next week just to see there faces light up when they see me, they all remember what card they did the week before (i forgot to take a picture of last weeks card) they made such a good job. I cut the elements out and they copy my card to put it together. The cards are easy for them to do as most of them have arthritis in their hands.


  1. Sounds like you had a fab time!
    and happy blogerversary too! noticed that, did you?
    left you a little something on my blog too ;-)

  2. OH i could just eat this, lol
    Lovely card Tina , and thank you for joining in my candy giveaway

  3. Lovely card Tina and sounds like you have a great time with your OAP's. It must be so rewarding for you, giving them something to look forward to. Just wondered what they use to stick things down as DS can be quite tricky.
    Love, Pat xx

  4. Hi pat, They use a glue stick and when we use foam pads i take the backs of for them.
    Love Tina xx


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