Sunday, 22 February 2009

My Craft Goodies from America.

Well I am back from my holidays to America we had a lovely time and while we where there I just had to do a little craft shopping I even managed to find a Lowes DIY store to buy some rubber for the Cuttle Bug folders so not to leave creases on the card. The Disney parks were out of this world, the hotel was good and food was lovely although we didn't eat that much with it been so hot. We met a lot of nice friendly American people and some lovely English people especially Sandy and Allen. My Daughter and I fed the Dolphins at Sea World which was a lovely experience we went on some great rides like The Simpsons at Universal Studios which was my favourite and Soarin at Epcot in Disney World, the Test Track was great fun too also at Epcot in Disney World.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time Tina and you've got plenty of craft stuff to remind you of it, Much better than a teatowel!

  2. oh lovely Tina. oh just like Christmas. and you know what they say, its better to give .. ok worth a try.
    I have left you something on my blog for you x


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